Best In-Play Betting Sites in Ireland – Live Betting

On any given day, thousands of Irish bettors are experiencing the thrill of backing their favourite sports markets. While for the longest time, this meant pre-match wagers, recent years have seen the popularity of betting in play (live betting) increase.

Some sports bettors are after excitement, others bragging rights, while others are motivated by profit. Read our article for the best live score betting sites in Ireland, tips on success and more.

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    What is Live Betting and How Does it Work?

    Live sports betting, also known as in play betting, is a bet type available while a game is in progress. Live betting markets remain open in sports matches with no significant stoppages, like football. At the same time, the odds continuously update to reflect events during the game.

    Conversely, live betting market odds lock temporarily in sports, like tennis, with significant pauses in play. In play betting includes many of the same markets as pre-match betting. For example, the match winner market is one of the more popular. However, others like Set Score and Correct Score have grown in popularity in recent years.

    Top Live Betting Platforms in Ireland

    All the best live score betting sites are constructed on solid platforms. These are accessible over internet browsers or mobile betting apps for iOS/Android devices. We’ll introduce five online bookies whose platforms are synonymous with pre-match and betting in play.


    bet365 is one of the most popular bookmakers in Ireland with a long track record.


    • Live-streaming on select sports;
    • real-time updates;
    • Partial, full and auto cashout feature;
    • Pre-match and in play betting markets.


    • Lack of promotions.


    Gibraltar-based BetVictor was founded in 1946, making it one of the more experienced bookmakers.


    • 35+ sports;
    • Live streaming on assorted sports/events;
    • Full and partial cash-out function;
    • Bet calculator for in-play bets;
    • Daily prize wheel.


    • No live betting-specific promos.


    2000- founded Betfair is one of several brands operated by LSE-listed Flutter.


    • Auto, partial and full cash-out feature;
    • Free bets;
    • Coverage of nearly 30 sports;
    • Sportsbook app for iOS and Android;
    • Bet Builder insurance, odds boost.


    • Commission on winnings.


    Ladbrokes is one of the oldest live sports betting companies, established in 1886.


    • Betting markets on almost 50 sports;
    • Plenty of regular promotions;
    • Full and partial cash-outs on some markets;
    • Live streaming.


    • Odds are not always among the best.

    Paddy Power

    Paddy Power is a Dublin-based and UKGC-licensed online bookmaker founded in 1988.


    • Paddy’s Rewards Club;
    • 30+ sports;
    • Paddy’s Wonder Wheel daily promo;
    • Racing moneyback tokens;
    • Cash-out option;
    • Live streaming on multiple in-play events.


    • Website design could be more intuitive.

    How to be Successful when Live Betting

    Even the most successful bettors win less than half the time, making it more critical than ever to use an in-play betting strategy. This not only protects your bankroll but is the best way of profiting over the long run.


    Leveraging your knowledge of sports you understand will give the best results. An experienced bettor may know more than the bookmaker. Therefore, following every inch of the live event on television can let you recognise value odds that may arise.

    Analysing In-Play Data

    Real-time data can provide valuable information to live bettors. An experienced punter is adept at quickly filtering through what’s relevant to decide on the timing and nature of their next bet.

    Managing a Bankroll

    Bankroll management, i.e. budgeting, requires a defensive psyche that protects against actions that hurt your long-term profit potential. It also guards against chasing losses after a setback or becoming too bold after one or more wins.

    Common Live In-Play Betting Strategies

    Many bettors are familiar with conventional betting strategies, focusing on bankroll management, preparation, historical analysis, etc. Yet, some, like the following, resemble stock market trading strategies that attempt to exploit price movements.

    • Momentum Betting: This is an automated betting strategy that capitalises on odds representing value on scores between 0-0, 1-0 and 1-1.
    • Arbitrage Betting: A strategy where bettors wager on the possible outcomes of the same sports event, allowing them to profit regardless of the result.
    • Scalping: This strategy capitalises on small and short-term differences in odds found on a betting exchange. The idea is to make smaller but more frequent gains.
    • Trading: Conceptually, this betting strategy is easy to understand as it resembles a stock market trade. Here, a player opens a position (buying) on a betting exchange with the option of closing out (selling) at a higher price.

    In Play Betting Tips

    Bettors motivated by bragging rights or the need for excitement may consider profit a secondary motivation. However, any experienced bettor knows that they need a plan for long-term success. Our live sports betting tips will set you on the right path to success.

    • Staying Informed: Historical data is not an indicator of future performance but can still provide valuable insight. Likewise, keeping updated on present developments, like injuries, can give you an inside edge.
    • Timing Is Key: In-play odds can fluctuate wildly within events based on momentum shifts. Be patient and avoid jumping the gun if the odds become more favourable, as they may not yet represent the best value.
    • Managing Emotions: Always treat betting as if it was your business. Remain disciplined and always think with your head instead of your heart. Failing to do so can lead to greed, impulsivity or thrill-seeking.
    • Utilising Cash-Out Features: Settling a bet before the conclusion of an event can be advisable when used sparingly. This action locks in a full or partial profit and protects a bettor from an adverse result change.
    • Choosing Reliable Bookmakers: Ensure that an online bookie is licensed by the Irish Revenue Commissioners and an offshore regulator like the MGA. Player word-of-mouth can be enlightening, so we recommend reviewing comments on sites like Trustpilot.

    Live Betting Advantages

    This in-play betting type has grown in popularity as a way of exploiting profit opportunities that surface within the game. Alternatively, it can hedge a previous bet. Experienced bettors with deep knowledge and who can think quickly on their feet benefit in several ways:

    • Real-Time Action: In play betting can get your adrenaline pumping with excitement as you pounce on something you observe during the event. For example, your gut feeling may tell you that a star footballer is injured.
    • Dynamic Odds: In play betting may allow players to identify value as odds change to reflect the game’s circumstances.
    • In-Game Insights: Experienced bettors build up knowledge that gives them the inside track in changing conditions. For example, during a sudden downpour, they may back a horse that tends to outperform in muddy conditions.
    • Hedging Opportunities: In play betting lets players make wagers to reduce the risk of an overall loss. Alternatively, it can lock in a profit by creating a position opposite the original bet.

    Popular Sports for Live Betting

    While bookmakers offer live betting odds on many sports, Irish punters, of course, have their preferences. Not surprisingly, their tastes are similar to bettors in other countries, like the United Kingdom.

    Live Horse Race Betting

    Horse racing in Ireland is part of the fabric of Irish culture, with evidence of this hobby dating back to 1603. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that Irish punters want to blend their passion for the sport with their affinity for live horse betting.

    Football Betting In Play

    The popularity of football leagues like the English Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga is no secret. Therefore, it’s no wonder football is among the most popular in play football betting markets.

    Live Golf Betting

    The Emerald Isle has hundreds of golf links and is home to the Irish PGA Championship. It’s also home to bettors searching for in-play opportunities over these four-day tournaments. The most popular are the outrights and the end-of-round leader.

    Tennis Live Betting

    The tennis format, including regular breaks, makes in play betting ideal. It supports several popular live tennis betting markets, including sets, games, match odds and points. Not surprisingly, many top online bookies offer live streaming.

    How We Determine the Best Irish Live Betting Sites

    Determining which are the best Irish live betting sites requires experience. Our team has reviewed dozens of online bookies and knows what separates the best from the rest. Fast cashouts, excellent user interfaces and bonuses are just some criteria.

    Legality and Regulation

    The Irish Revenue Commissioners agency regulates betting in Ireland, so we want to ensure an online bookie is authorised. It must have a remote betting intermediary’s license or a remote bookmaker’s license from this agency.

    Furthermore, an offshore online bookmaker should hold a license from one or more reputable regulators, like the MGA or UKGC.

    User Interface and Experience

    A solid live score betting site must be player-friendly, with fast loading times. The design should be easy on the eyes. Sticky headers, burger menus and footers should be used to organise links in a way that makes them easy to find.

    Variety of Betting Markets

    High-end live betting sites should cover sports and Esports, like football, golf, tennis and horse racing. Each should offer competitive odds on multiple pre-match and in play betting markets. A quality online bookie has live odds on hundreds of them on any given day.

    Cash-Out Options

    Cashout options are a wise way of locking in a profit before the outcome is known with certainty. Online bookmakers may provide a partial or full cash-out option on select in-play and pre-match markets, events and fixtures.

    Ease of Use

    Betting in play odds is time-sensitive and changes during the game. A needlessly rigid or inflexible sports betting platform can create frustration and missed opportunities. In turn, a missed opportunity comes at a cost, adversely impacting long-term profit.

    Bonuses Offers and Alternative Promotions

    Bonuses and other promotions can be an exciting part of the overall live sports betting experience. One of the most common promotions is free bets. However, online bookmakers have a whole arsenal of others, like combo boosts, money back and enhanced odds.

    Site Security

    A safe and secure in play betting site depends on the quality of the programming code used in its creation. It should be free of design flaws that can create security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, it should incorporate authorisation, encryption, and authentication, among other techniques.

    Quality Customer Support

    Customer support is the least appreciated until it comes time to use it. We look for quality live betting sites providing multiple customer support channels. A live chat and email should be standard. However, top-notch live betting sites also offer dedicated telephone support.

    Live Betting vs Traditional Betting

    Successful bettors in live and traditional pre-match betting markets have an intimate knowledge of the sport, team and player(s). Although very similar, the few differences are significant.

    In Play BettingPre-Match Betting
    Live betting odds change during the eventFixed odds
    Used to speculate on the outcome or lock in a profit on a previous betUsed to speculate on the result before the event
    Requires that the bettor meticulously watches the game to identify opportunitiesA pre-match bet doesn’t need a bettor to follow the game

    Final Thoughts

    It’s no surprise that Irish punters want in on the exploding live betting market action.

    To get the most out of your live betting experience, you’ll want to play at secure Irish betting sites with a player-friendly design and user interface.

    These will offer competitive odds in various live betting markets, enticing promotions, and features. Besides the added excitement, this market can protect a profit or exploit a profit opportunity during the game.


    Is in Play Betting Legal in Ireland?
    Offshore sports betting sites may offer pari-mutuel wagering to Irish customers. However, they must hold a remote betting intermediary's license or a remote bookmaker's license from the Irish Revenue Commissioners.
    What Are the Advantages of Live Betting Over Pre-match Betting?
    In play betting has two advantages over pre-match betting. First, it can be utilised to hedge an existing bet. Second, it also takes advantage of new opportunities while the event progresses.
    Why Should I Participate in Live Betting?
    In play betting can be an exciting way of locking in a profit by hedging against the possibility of a loss on a previous bet. It can also attempt to profit from an arising development.
    Can I Cash Out My Live Bets Before the Game Ends?
    Some online bookmakers let players fully or partially cash out before the game has ended. While betters typically request a cashout, some sports betting sites offer an automatic, full or partial cash out.
    Are There Specific Strategies for Successful in Play Betting?
    An experienced bettor sticks to sports with which they are very familiar and possess insight into the historical performance. They must watch the entire game closely to identify opportunities. Like always, a successful bettor must remain objective and disciplined.
    Which Sports Are Most Suitable for Live Betting?
    While most sports can accommodate in play betting, football, horse racing, golf, and tennis are four of the biggest. Sports odds on live betting markets with no significant stoppages continually update during play. Conversely, sports with significant stoppages temporarily lock between sets.
    What Forms of Payment Are Accepted Within Play Betting?
    In-play bets accept the same payment providers supported by pre-match bets. Typically, this might include instant payment providers like Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and Paysafecard.
    Are Bonuses Available on Mobile Betting Apps?
    Betting apps offer the same bonuses and promotions as instant play browsers on desktops and mobile. Promos can include combos, free bets, profit boosts and others.
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