Best Cash-Out Bookmakers in Ireland

At the best online betting sites in Ireland, you can take advantage of the cash-out feature, which lets you take any winnings before the game has ended. Not all games are eligible, and while the option is fairly standard across Irish bookmakers, there are slight differences. Knowing when to use it can help you improve your betting strategy.

Whether you’re new to betting in Ireland and want to learn how it works or a seasoned bettor looking for new sites, our guide has all you need to know. Our niche is the Irish gambling market, with multiple years of experience in betting and reviewing Irish bookmakers, including the top betting sites with cash-out features.

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Table of content

    What are Cash-Out Bookies and How Do They Work?

    A cash out is when you have placed a wager and decide to take the current winnings from the bet before it settles. For example, if you placed a bet on Manchester City to win their match by 2 -0, and they are leading 2-0 with ten minutes to go, you can cash out early before any new goals to guarantee a profit. Your return will be a little less than if you wait the full 90 minutes – but there may be another goal in that time to forfeit the bet.

    You may also have placed a five-fold accumulator bet with four settled winning teams; only one still needs playing. If you cash out early, you will only receive part of your estimated payout, but it will still be a profit and you don’t risk losing the lot if your final game goes against you.

    Or you could have placed a bet of, say, Real Madrid at €100 to win, and with only 20 minutes left, there are no goals. Rather than lose the whole amount, you may have the option to cash out at a lower value of, say €60, which means you don’t risk the entire amount.

    Irish cash-out bookmakers will display the amount you can cash out, but it changes quickly as the match unfolds, so you must be fast using the feature.

    Understanding Various Cash-Out Options

    There are three main types of bookie cash-out options as follows:

    • Full Cash Out: This is the most common method at betting sites. You place your bet on a sporting event, and once it begins, the cash-out button will fluctuate depending on how the match pans out. If you backed a team to win and they scored to take the lead, your cash-out option will be higher than your original stake. If they are drawing or even losing, the amount will be less if the match is close to completion.
    • Partial Cash Out: A partial cash-out option is ideal if you want part of your stake to continue and cash out only a portion of your choosing. Many cash-out bookies have a slider on the cash-out feature, letting you guarantee some profit on your stake but also letting you continue with a percentage of it in case of a win.
    • Auto Cash Out: An auto cash-out option lets you set trigger points to try to secure a profit when you place your bet. You set automated options that, when your bet reaches a particular level, will automatically payout when it reaches the threshold. It is ideal for those who aren’t around to do a manual cash out and monitor the odds and game in play.

    Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Cash-Out Bookmakers

    We will only list sites that have passed our stringent rating criteria. We have various factors we use to test an Irish platform, including signing up and testing the site ourselves. Use these criteria yourself when choosing sites to bet.

    Reliability and reputation

    We will only list Irish bookmakers known for being reputable and legal in Ireland. We first look to see if they hold a gambling licence, a non-negotiable factor. We also ensure the site has security features to protect sensitive data with up-to-date SSL encryption technology. Another factor we assess is various player reviews, which help us better understand how the betting sites with cash-out features perform.

    Availability and flexibility of cash-out options

    Not all Irish sites offer the option. So, after checking the site’s legitimacy, we will look at the versatility of the markets and what cash-out options the bookmaker presents.

    Speed of cash-out processing

    It should be instantaneous, and the funds should be available in your account as soon as you choose to cash out. If not, we will let you know of any delays.

    Quality of odds and betting markets

    The best Irish betting sites offer competitive odds and multiple betting markets. As part of our research, we compare the odds of various bookmakers to determine which offers the best.

    User experience and customer support

    When you join a site, it is not only about the sports, markets, and features offered. We check its usability and ease of navigation in finding and placing your bets. We also test the customer support service via the available channels, typically live chat, email, FAQ page, and online contact forms. The customer support agents must be helpful, have appropriate training, and be able to assist their players with all types of queries.

    Mobile app availability and functionality

    Mobile betting is the top way players place their bets. Therefore, we test the site’s mobile offering and compatibility. Is there an app, or can you effortlessly access it from your web browser with the same functionality as the desktop version?

    How to Effectively Use Betting Sites’ Cash-Out Feature

    Many Irish bettors use the cash-out bookmakers feature, and various approaches help you get the most out of it. Some of the tips included:

    • Have a sum in mind: What amount do you want to win from your bet? Do you want to double your wager or triple it? Use this figure and cash out when it hits.
    • Try to hold out: Many players may use the cash-out feature too early in the match and wish they had waited. If it’s only 30 minutes into the game and your team hasn’t scored, wait until the second half before considering your options.
    • Use bookmaker stats: Using stats is a helpful resource to enhance your in-play betting experience and lets you asses which team has more chance of winning or scoring.
    • Set aside your ego: We have all had losing bets. It’s impossible always to win. However, if you see your bet has little chance of winning and you have the option to cash out half your wager, Take it as it will reduce the potential loss.
    • Don’t wait: If you have chosen to cash out, click the button immediately, as the value could increase, but it could also decrease. If you are confident your team is a sure win, let the bet ride to receive the whole payout.
    • Keep records: Keep a tally of your bets, including those you cashed out and the final result. You can use these records to reflect and devise your optimum cash-out betting strategy.

    Timing Is Everything: Practical Cash-Out Examples

    Let us first look at a five-fold Saturday afternoon accumulator on football where the teams all have the same kick-off time. You have five teams and placed an accumulator of €10. Your accumulator had odds of 25/1, meaning a €250 profit if you win. However, with such high odds, it is considered risky and can be challenging to profit. At half-time, the situation on your backed teams is as follows:

    • Manchester United are winning 3-1
    • Chelsea are winning 2-0
    • Liverpool are winning 1-0
    • Shamrock Rovers are winning 2-1
    • Derry City are winning 1-0

    The bet is looking on course for a win, and the bookies cash out value is €160, meaning a profit of €150 minus your wager. While it is a significant profit, it is still €90 off the final payout. In the second half, you must decide if you want to cash out before the final whistle and, if so, when. The important fact is you would have already made a healthy profit, and there is the likelihood of one or more legs letting you down.

    Supported Cash-Out Sports and Markets

    There are many cash-out markets, but they are typically on significant leagues rather than more obscure teams. You can cash out on either single or multiple bets with online bookmakers, so listing all the markets for this kind of betting promotion would require its own article. You can use it in sports like horse racing, golf, cricket, tennis and more. A few examples of football betting include:

    • Under/over markets
    • Outright winner markets
    • Handicap Markets
    • Price boosts
    • Winning margins
    • Player and team markets

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cashing Out

    If you have used this feature before, you may already know its pros and cons. Having all the facts to hand will help you make informed betting decisions.

    • You can take a guaranteed profit early
    • You can still bank a win even if your wager ends up losing
    • You can cut your losses if you feel your bet won’t win
    • You can use the partial and auto cash-out options
    • You can make an early profit with your bet
    • Some betting events may not have a cash-out value offered
    • You may cash out a bet that settles as a winner
    • It may result in less profit over the longer term

    A Look at Legal and Secure Betting in Ireland

    Irish betting laws have been around since 1931. It was updated in 2015, allowing offshore sportsbooks and betting exchanges to operate. The Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland (GRAI) oversees the regulations, and to operate betting sites, they must have a gambling licence from the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, both reputable and reliable regulators.

    Only ever play at licensed and regulated sites. If they are not on our list, then ensure they have one of these gambling licenses. You can locate this information at the bottom of the betting site homepage, as well as the regulator and licence number.

    Another benefit of playing at secure Irish sites is the responsible gambling features. Gambling tools let you set up time and deposit limits or self-exclusion periods. It helps you to keep your gambling fun and safe.

    Our Final Thoughts on Cash-Out Bookies

    There are many top betting sites with cash-out features. The first step in your betting journey is to choose licensed bookmakers and those who offer decent odds and multiple markets.

    When using the cash-out feature, use it wisely and always gamble responsibly and within your financial means. It is a great tool to boost your profits and enhance your betting experience.


    Can I use the cash-out feature with a free bet?
    Not always. Not all bookmakers will allow you to use the cash-out feature when using a free bet. And if you do win, the free bet stake is not returned, so the value is less than when using real money.
    Can I use the bookie cash-out feature on mobile?
    Yes, whether you use the feature on mobile or desktop, it works the same.
    Why does my bet not have a cash-out option?
    There are various reasons. It may be that your bet doesn’t qualify for the feature or that the market has temporarily paused due to a goal scored or a vital passage of play, like a penalty being awarded.
    Is my stake included in the cash-out value?
    Yes, it is. The sum you see will include your stake, so to work out the value, subtract the stake amount, and you can then work out your profit.
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