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RTP 97%
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Last updated Apr. 2, 2024
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    What is the Aviator Crash Game?

    Since its 2019 launch, Aviator by Spribe has enjoyed massive success as it brings a new level of engagement. The interactive nature of gameplay is immensely popular and has inspired a whole new category featuring this ground-breaking mechanic. As the name indicates, Aviator is centred around an old-fashioned biplane that takes off when the round begins, heading up into the sky as the win multiplier rises. The action crashes when the plane gets too high and flies off the screen, at which point your wager is lost if you fail to cash out.

    How to Play Aviator & Gameplay

    When you first launch Aviator for real money, you’ll see a fairly stripped-back graphics on a screen split into three sections, displaying the social platform, playing arena and betting station. The social panel on the left-hand side is where you can see who else is currently playing and how they’re betting, including cash-out multipliers, how many players won or crashed out of a particular round, and at what stage. You can chat with other players in real time as the action plays out. The right part of the screen is split between the main arena, where you can see a red biplane that follows an exponential graph trajectory. The multiplier figure appears in bold white text in the centre of the arena as the plane climbs, turning red when the plane flies away and the game crashes, signifying the end of the round. Directly below the arena is your betting station.

    You can opt to bet manually, using the plus and minus buttons to alter your bet size or use the extensive auto-bet functions. In manual mode, you must hit the green bet button within the allocated betting time to place your bet, or you’ll need to wait for the next round to begin. The auto-bet function offers a range of options to finetune your betting strategy and let it play out without the need to keep hitting buttons. You can set parameters in advance, starting with your bet size and the number of rounds to play.

    You can also choose an automatic cash-out multiplier amount, plus various options for when to stop, like once you’ve hit a certain win amount. Aviator lets you play two different betting hands on the same round, expanding your betting options if you wish to play safe with one hand and perhaps see how far you can push it with the other.

    The biggest difference between Aviator Spribe and traditional online casino releases that you get to decide when to cash out rather than leaving the outcome entirely up to fate as you do when you’re playing an online slot machine. Although the outcome of Aviator is determined randomly, you get to decide whether to call in the bet early or play the risk.

    The Era of Crash Betting Games

    The online gaming industry is characterised by innovation and with pushing the boundaries of what technology can deliver. This is precisely what Spribe achieved with its flagship Aviator title. Crash games are the next generation of casino titles, delivering a fast-paced and immersive gaming experience that puts more control into your hands. In addition, the social aspect mimics that of live dealer studios, providing you with a sense of community previously only achievable in land-based casinos.

    The best part of this trailblazing casino genre is that the excitement rises in time with the round’s multiplier, as each split second that goes by takes you one step closer to the crash point while your multiplier prize rises. It’s important to remember while playing such fascinating titles that online gambling is supposed to be a form of entertainment, not a way to make a living. Exercising safer gambling practices is key to getting the most out of your online casino experience and should remain at the forefront of your mind when playing Aviator for real money.

    Aviator Game Features

    Aviator brings interactive social play through its live betting functionality and social chat. It lets you enjoy a much more immersive experience, sharing strategies and big win anecdotes and cheering on one another’s successes. This social element undoubtedly plays an important part in its success, given the stripped-back graphics and basic interface. In certain circumstances, we found that the sense of being part of a multiplayer platform far outweighs fancy graphics and immersive soundscapes.

    Aviator Tips & Strategies to Win

    When it comes to tips for how to win playing Aviator for real money, it’s important to remember that all online casino releases are built using RNG technology, which uses mathematical algorithms to produce random outcomes. This means there is no way to predict the result accurately except by chance. With this in mind, the best advice we can offer is to remember always to gamble responsibly. Never bet with more than you can afford to lose, and take regular breaks so you don’t get too immersed. The best strategy for winning is to manage your bankroll effectively by setting time and wagering limits and sticking to them. Some players like experimenting with betting patterns like the Martingale Strategy, where you double your bet each time you lose until you win again, then return back to your starting bet. While this can be a fun way to play, it is also risky because losing streaks can happen, and you could find yourself burning through your available cash fast.

    What is Aviator Predictor & Does it Work?

    If you’re looking in the Aviator by Spribe casino game, you’ve probably encountered Aviator Predictor – an online gambling tool that has gained a lot of interest of late as it claims to use a series of complex algorithms to help you predict likely multiplier outcomes when playing the Aviator crash game. The intention of the software, or so it claims, is to provide you with historical data that will help you predict patterns in the outcomes. In addition, the software will make ‘real-time predictions’ although it offers no guarantee of accuracy. There’s no evidence available to say whether the Aviator Predictor tool is accurate in any way or has played a role in any significant wins, and indeed, the developer makes no guarantees of effectiveness. Rather, it’s designed to act as a tool to help you make better-informed decisions about the outcome, although it’s unclear how this is achieved.

    The fact of the matter is RNG technology is designed to be failproof, and industry regulators regularly scrutinise the algorithms used by regulated suppliers to ensure fairness. This makes it seem unlikely that such software can offer any form of help short of providing you with a lot of complex and hard-to-decipher data. When playing at an online casino, the best advice is to gamble responsibly. Indeed, it is software such as this Aviator Predictor that may come under scrutiny as the government further cements the role of the newly-established Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland, and this important governing body helps to protect consumer rights in the country. A quick look through Google demonstrates the scepticism amongst industry experts regarding the effectiveness and ethics behind software like Aviator Predictor, and we are inclined to take the word of fellow experts on this one.

    Aviator Crash Game & Similar Titles

    Aviator by Spribe is part of an ever-growing genre of innovative smart games as development studios continue experimenting with the genre and evolving mathematics and mechanics. If you enjoy playing Aviator, this space has a range of exciting options. We’ve highlighted some notable ones that are worth a try if you’re a fan of Aviator:

    • Aviatrix – this exciting addition to the genre brings clever NFT integration and high-quality graphics to your screens in a thrilling crypto iGaming crossover.
    • JetX – takes the popular crash mechanic into outer space with multiple betting panels, adding an extra dynamic.
    • Zeppelin – moving away from the usual fixed-wing aircraft, this crash game features an old-fashioned rigid airship as the star of the show.
    • Spaceman is a colourful, animated release from the award-winning studios of Pragmatic Play.

    Responsible Gambling & Safety Online

    Protecting yourself is key while gambling online, and first and foremost, you should always ensure you are playing on a safe, secure, and fully licenced platform. While online gambling regulation is still in rudimentary stages in Ireland, you can still check that an online platform is licenced by an international reputable regulatory body such as the MGA, UKGC, or eCOGRA. Never give out sensitive data on sites you cannot verify, and don’t share any banking or financial information on websites that don’t display SSL encryption or other evidence of online security. There are heaps of online resources designed to help you exercise safer gambling practices while playing online. Take advantage of the resources available to create a safe and enjoyable space for yourself while enjoying your favourite action. Responsible gambling is essential to maintaining a healthy and enjoyable relationship with online gambling. Remember to set your limits, take regular breaks, and seek help if you feel you need it.

    Aviator Final Thoughts

    The jury is back, and the outcome is unanimous; if you’re a fan of online gaming innovation and enjoy the thrill of taking control of the action, Aviator by Spribe is a fantastic title to experiment with this captivating gaming genre. Go forth and try it for yourself, but remember to only gamble with what you can afford and stick to your limits to get the most out of your playing time.


    What type of game is Aviator by Spribe?
    Spribe’s Aviator is a new category known as a crash game or smart game. The mechanics behind it provide you with more interactive gameplay and social elements to your casino experience.
    How do I win playing Spribe’s Aviator crash game?
    The objective of Aviator is to cash out your winnings before the action ‘crashes’ and you lose your wager. The longer you wait before cashing out, the higher the multiplier climbs, so it’s a fine line between getting the maximum return without losing the round.
    Are there any bonus features in the Aviator casino game?
    Spribe’s Aviator is unlike a standard online slot and does not contain bonus features. What Aviator does deliver is interactive gameplay, putting you firmly in the driving seat.
    Is it possible to predict Aviator outcomes?
    No, you can't predict the outcome of Spribe’s Aviator or any other online casino games except by chance, as they are built using random number generator technology (RNG) to produce completely random outcomes.
    Can I play Aviator for free?
    Yes, if you’d like to give Aviator a trial before playing for real money, you can access the demo version on the developer’s website, as well as a range of other innovative titles from the popular studio.
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