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Gambling is one of the favourite leisure activities for people across Ireland. The game is simple to learn and become professional and you can find many variations of this popular game across leading sites in the country. Whether you are a starter or a professional player, you can start from the basic poker types and progress through the more complicated versions over time. Once you become confident enough, you can place regular bets on this popular game and target real money winnings. To familiarize yourself with the game, just read this review and start playing as soon as possible.

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    Is Online Poker Legit In Ireland? What Is The Case With Offline Poker?

    After the country legalized gambling back in the 1800s, players started to enjoy this activity in Ireland. The first instrument to be adopted in the country was the Betting Act of 1854. The latest norm in the country is the Gaming and Lotteries Act with the latest amended version from 2019. Based on the terms of this document, you can enjoy all betting forms in the country such as poker, sports betting, and similar.

    To access online poker, you have to be at least 18 years old and play on the sites authorized by the regulator.

    Playing Online Video Poker: Is It Good Or Bad Idea?

    If you want to play online poker in Ireland, you probably want to know is it a good or bad thing. There are many reasons to choose this popular game and get started with it even today.

    • First, online poker in Ireland is legal so you don’t break any laws.
    • Second, online poker sites in the country feature many versions of poker so you will enjoy anything from Texas Holdem to 5 Card Draw.
    • While playing this popular game, you will also be able to claim different bonuses both for new and current players, so you get the most out of the experience.

    How To Enhance The Chances Of Winning Online Poker?

    If you want to improve your chances to win online poker real money, there are some useful tips you can take advantage of and enjoy the best possible chances with this game.  Check the few tips below:

    1. Make sure you know poker rules, positions, and hands: This is the most important step as you won’t be able to plan your next move if you don’t understand what is your current position and whether you have good cards
    2. Get started with low stakes: If you want to learn more about online poker and master its strategy, you should start with low stakes. If you place smaller bets, you will feel comfortable knowing that you don’t risk a lot. While playing the game, you will also become more confident and acquire special skills which will make you better over time.
    3. Reveal the best game for you: There are many versions of live dealer online poker, so you want to find the one which suits your needs.
    4. Play online poker only if you are in a good mood: You should avoid visiting online casinos and spending your time on poker if you feel bad or nervous. Remember that your mood can affect your results and you can easily lose some money.
    5. Make reasonable decisions: When playing online poker, nobody expects that you will be making instant decisions. Take your time and think twice before taking the next move. Only in this way, you will be able to have good results in this game.

    The Most Known Types Of Poker In Ireland

    Before getting started with online poker real money, make sure to check the following versions:

    • Texas Hold’em: This is one of the most popular versions of online poker you will find on casinos.  You aim to form the best possible hand by using community cards and those from your hand. After each player receives two face down cards, you will see five more cards dealt on the table (face up).  Your task is to use some of these faces up cards in the combination with face down cards to form the best possible hand. Community cards are, however, dealt in three phases including the flop, the turn, and the river.
    • Omaha: This is another version that uses 52 cards and includes combination or face down and community cards. The game starts when the dealer gives four cards to every player and each one is face down. This is the main difference from the Texas Holdem variation. Once the player gets their cards, the game can start and the first player to take the action is one on the left side of Big Blind. The action will continue clockwise until it arrives at Big Blind. Players are allowed to take the following steps – call, raise and fold.
    • 5 Cards Poker (Classic): if you choose five card poker, the action will start when each of the players gets five cards- all face down. The betting round can start at that moment. If more than a single player remains after the end of the first round, a drawing occurs. Each player will specify how many cards he wants to keep and what cards he wants to replace. It is also possible to keep all the cards and don’t change anything. This is known as the stand pat position.  After that, there will be another round and the last phase – showdown.

    Is It Possible To Play Real Money Poker Online With A Live Dealer?

    If you wish to feel a real gambling atmosphere while playing online poker, you should opt for the live dealer version of this game. Just find the casino with the best features and a selection of popular games, and you can sign up once you are ready. While playing live poker, you will speak with a live dealer and other players, and this will be an interesting experience full of anticipation.


    What is the WSOP contest?
    The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is one of the most popular poker events in the history of poker. It was first introduced in 1970, and it has already paid over $3.3 billion in prize money. The competition celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2020, remaining one of the most trusted options in the industry.
    Is online poker playable on mobile devices?
    Yes, you can get started with this popular game from any device. Whether you use Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, or anything else, you can enjoy the game to the fullest.
    Is online poker a rigged game?
    No, online poker is not a rigged game if you play it on trusted sites with a license and strict security measures. Just make sure to sign up for a reputable provider and enjoy the experience.
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