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Live roulette Ireland has become one of the most exciting games for players around the country. Roulette is already the first option for people looking for an added adrenaline level, and playing the game in the live form brings ever greater fun. You can read this guide to learn about live online roulette and its features.

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    Live Online Roulette And Its Main Specifications?

    Once you step into the live roulette, you can expect great fun. The main part of the game is a wheel featuring pockets with numbers from 1 to 36. Each field shows different colors: red and black. You will also see the 37th having Zero (0) and probably the 38th field with 00 (for American Roulette). Both of them are green.

    The gameplay is easy, and you watch the wheel spinning around and the ball being drawn in another direction. It would be best if you predicted the position where the ball will land once the wheel stops. You have different options – picking only one number, a group, a certain color, and similar.

    How Do Live Roulette Studios Operate?

    Live roulette IE is one of a kind experience. The game is real-time, so you need to know how this happens. Leading live roulette providers such as Evolution Gaming broadcast the action from dedicated studios.

    These are special facilities with powerful technology and equipment, so the action displays are cutting-edge. Live dealers are based in these studios and engage with players in real time, so you can always get into the action for more fun.

    Some software providers have live studios in different cities worldwide, so they can serve players in the best possible way.

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    Live Roulette Rules And Terms

    Live roulette is known for the most typical bet types: inside or outside. Inner bets are those you place on the digits/rows next to the wheel.

    Below, you can check some of them:

    • Straight Up: A bet is only on one number,
    • Split Bet: You place a bet on the line that splits two numbers. The bet is on two digits,
    • Three Line / Street: Place chips on the edge of a row. This involves three different numbers,
    • Corner: A bet is placed where the digits meet in the corners. The wager is on four various numbers,
    • Six Line: Place chips on two adjacent rows/streets. The wager is on six various numbers.

    You should also know that some roulette versions have the following types of bets:

    • Column: You place chips in the pockets market 2:1 at the end of every column. The wager consists of 12 numbers.
    • 1:12: This is the bet on the initial twelve digits 1-12, the next 12 numbers 13-24, or the third group of twelve digits 25-36.
    • High / Low: Here, you place the wager on the high digits 1-18 or the low ones 19-36.
    • Red / Black: You place the bet on the red or black color, and this consists of 18 digits.

    Odd / Even: Here, you place a bet on fields with odd or even numbers, and a total of 18 numbers are included.

    Leading Live Roulette Versions

    Playing live roulette online in Ireland, you will probably choose one of the most common versions:

    • European: This roulette stands out with massive popularity, and it only features a single zero (0) pocket, so the total number of digits is 37. This means that the edge is 2,7% on the single number, which is better compared to American.
    • American: American roulette is among the top versions, including a double zero (00) and the typical single zero (0). The total number of fields here is 38. The odds are higher or 5,26% on a single number, but bets and payouts are the same.
    • French: This version resembles European roulette in terms of setup and game rules. However, some differences exist, such as en prison and la partage rules. Per the ‘en prison,’ users can recover entire stakes if they choose even money bets and the ball appears on 0. La Partage means that players have a chance to get back only half of their wager if their bet on outside wheel sections results in 0.
    • Multi-Wheel: This is another enjoyable game version with the option to choose the number of wheels you want to trigger. Just place your wager on one board, and it will be the same on all other wheels in the game. Stay calm with this version, as you can equally enjoy it.
    • Double Ball: This variation of the game is a perfect chance to enjoy an added level of excitement in the game. As the word says, another ball will be present in the game spinning around the wheel.

    Odds & Payouts On Live Roulette

    Regarding odds on live roulette, the most important differentiation is among European and American types. This is because they have different numbers of pockets. European has 37 pockets and a single zero, which results in the odds of 2,7%. The American version has 38 pockets and two zeros, so the odds on the single digit are 5,26%.

    You should also be aware that each bet comes with certain payouts. For example, a straight bet on one number provides 35/1 odds, a split bet on two numbers 17/1, a street bet on two numbers 11/1, a cornet bet on four numbers comes with 8/1, and a line bet on six numbers pays 5/1.

    We can also take a look at outside bets and how they pay. If you bet on red or black, you will receive a payout of 1/1. Betting on odds or evens also pays 1/1. There are also high/low bets paying the same amount or 1/1. Opting for column bets leads to the possible payout of 2/1. Remember that winning odds in American and European roulette differ, but the payouts remain the same if you win.

    Typical Misconceptions About Live Online Roulette

    Playing live roulette is always connected with some misconceptions. This is because many people hesitate to play this excellent game. Let’s see some of them:

    • Live roulette is rigged: The truth is the opposite. Roulette is another game controlled by casinos, but you won’t be deceived. By choosing reputable and licensed sites, you will enjoy trusted rounds where all results are fair and double-checked.
    • Online casino is better than the live version: Many people argue that online roulette is better than the live version of the game. The fact is that live roulette is based on similar principles as the land-based version of the game. This allows players to engage with the live dealer and other players. Thanks to this opportunity, you will feel as if you are in an actual casino.

    Playing Tips For Live Roulette

    Before getting started with live roulette Ireland, you want to know the following tips:

    • Claim bonuses: One of the best ways to increase your winning chances is by claiming bonuses. For example, an excellent welcome bonus can significantly improve your chances.
    • Pick a strategy according to your skills and budget: You will hear many roulette strategies, but you should select the one according to your skills and available balance.
    • Stay cool while playing: It is vital to bring rational decisions while playing live roulette. Don’t overreact, and play with a cool head, as you don’t want to lose everything.


    What Are The Min And Max Bets?
    The minimum and maximum bet on live roulette depends on the casino where you play the game. However, you should be aware the stakes could go from as low as 0,1 euro.
    How Do I Interact With The Live Dealer During Live Roulette?
    You can interact with live dealers in a simple way. Just start chatting with him, share your opinion, ask questions, and you will be ready to go.
    Can I Access Live Roulette On A Mobile Gadget?
    Live roulette is available not only on desktops, but also on smaller devices. This means you can relish the game in any place, so the convenience is guaranteed when you commence your first sessions.
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