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Whether you’re a newbie to bingo or just looking for some new online bingo sites, we’re here to help you in your quest. We’ve gathered all the relevant information you’ll need and put it together in this review to help you decide where to play. We’ll look at the features of bingo sites to look out for, as well as game variations, bonuses, and more.

Don’t forget; we won’t recommend a site that isn’t safe, licensed, and regulated, so you can trust our recommendations. Let’s go.

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    Is Online Bingo Popular In Ireland? Is It Legal?

    In Ireland, online bingo games are considered to be a lottery. They are supervised and regulated by the 1956 Gaming and Lotteries Act. The online bingo scene is like any other, except that it appeals to the older population who perhaps enjoy the game in traditional bingo halls but, for whatever reason, cannot attend as often as they’d like. According to Irish legislation, all online bingo operators must obtain a lottery licence.

    Features Of New Bingo Sites

    Playing bingo online is an enjoyable experience. Like the classic game, there are certain things you can expect, and you can play right from the comfort of your living room. The best new bingo sites will do everything possible to gain your custom. This means that you’ll usually be offered a welcome bonus and good deals on your games. If the site also has other games like slots or casino table games, you might get some free spins or free chips. New bingo sites are the way to go, as they’re the ones that are completely reliant on new customers, so you’ll get the very best deals out there.

    New Bingo Sites VS Established

    Many existing bingo players are happy with the site they use for their games. Some people never consider trying new bingo sites at all, just like they wouldn’t consider going to a different supermarket or hairdresser after going to the same one for years. However, trying new bingo sites for real money certainly has some advantages. Here are some of them.

    • The Welcome Package – Almost all bingo sites will have offers to entice new customers. The difference between established sites and new ones is that new ones need to build a customer base quickly if they want their business to be lucrative. Established bingo sites usually have a solid base on which to work, which means their new offers are not as lucrative. You may find they have better VIP programs or loyalty schemes to keep their customers returning.
    • Improved Experiences – Just like you’d expect from anything new, a new bingo site will make use of the best technology and games out there. This means your experience will likely be more entertaining and engaging. What’s more, the software and security will be the best around, so you can guarantee your data and money are protected, and your screen won’t suffer any lagging.

    How Do We Choose The Best New Bingo Sites?

    We look at many things when selecting new bingo sites to appear on our lists. We look at the following:

    We Compare Security (SSL, Licencing)

    Security is our number one priority. A site may be innovative, fun, and interesting, but if they’re not looking after their customers’ data and money, they’re not the one to go for. When looking for new sites, we look at what security measures are in place to protect customers. Most sites use top-level SSL encryption, which is the same level as financial institutions. Using a licensed site is vital, too, so we’d never recommend a site that doesn’t have a valid gambling license. We’re even more impressed if they use a third-party auditor.

    We Compare Banking Methods

    These days there are so many different ways of making financial transactions online. A new site will fare better if it offers a range of suitable banking methods. This might include bank cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, or other methods.

    We Compare A Number Of Games & Developers

    Even if you’re only signing up to a website to play bingo, it’s likely that at some point, you’ll wander into other areas and try out different games – most customers too. For this reason, we make sure that there is a good variety of games by a range of developers.

    We Compare Bonuses

    Bonuses are an important way of attracting new customers, but they’ve got to be worth it. If they’re very generous but have really high play-through requirements in a specific time frame, there’s little point in taking up the offer. When we look at new bingo sites, we look at the bonus to make sure they’re good.

    We Compare Support

    When you’ve got a question or need help with something, it’s important you can get it straight away. That’s why we compare the support provided to customers. The best new bingo sites Ireland has to offer will have available support round the clock in a variety of ways, including live chat, telephone, and email.

    Popular Online Bingo Variations

    There are different versions of online bingo. Here are the most popular types.


    90-Ball Bingo is the standard bingo game and the one that most people are familiar with. Each game typically has a couple of prizes – one for a line, and one for a full house. This is the most popular and frequently played bingo variant.


    This is a bingo variant with 80 balls, as its name suggests. This time, the grid is an even 4×4 grid. There are four ball colours with each group of 20 having their own colour. For instance, the balls numbered between 21 and 40 might be yellow. The colours make it easier to mark off the numbers at a fast pace.


    This is often referred to as American Bingo and is really popular outside of the UK and ex-British colonies. Each bingo card is a 5×5 grid with the word BINGO written at the top. There is one letter per column and the middle square is blank and in the ‘N’ column. Each column has corresponding numbers. The ‘B’ column will contain numbers 1 to 13, the ‘I’ column will have 16-30, the ‘N’ will contain 31-45, the ‘G’ will have 46-60 and the ‘O’ will have 61-75.


    Slingo is a bit like 75-ball bingo in that it’s played on a 5×5 grid with random numbers between 1 and 75. The grid also has a single slot reel horizontally across the bottom that has five positions. At the start, you’ll have some spins. Once your bet has been placed, you’ll spin the reel and look out for numbers that match from the grid above. Essentially, this is a slot game and bingo combined.

    The Most Popular Bonuses At Irish Bingo Sites

    Everyone loves free money and bonuses! Irish bingo sites have some of the best bonuses around. These include popular matched deposit welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses, and VIP programs and loyalty schemes for existing customers. Most people love to find a no deposit bonus but these are often the hardest to find. The best sites tend to offer a matched deposit bonus with some free spins and low wagering requirements.

    The Most Popular Banking Methods At New Bingo Sites

    New bingo sites are often the first to allow the newest payment technologies. Thankfully, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to pay in a way that suits you. Here are the most popular deposit methods:

    • Bank transfer
    • E-wallet (Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, etc.)
    • Bank card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card)
    • Pre-paid card (like Paysafecard)
    • Cryptocurrency (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Doge, etc.)
    • Phone payment methods

    Here are the most popular withdrawal methods:

    • E-wallet (quickest method)
    • Bank card
    • Bank transfer
    • Cryptocurrency (quick method)

    Most sites will make their customers use the same deposit and withdrawal banking method as this is one way in which they reduce people using the site fraudulently for money laundering schemes.

    Pay By Phone




    Tips To Play Online Bingo

    There are lots of tips out there for having the best time at bingo. However, you must always bear in mind that online bingo is a game of chance and that nothing you do can influence the game’s outcome. It’s still fun to play of course! Here are some tips to get the most out of your experience.

    Don’t Use A Busy Game

    No matter how many players are joining in, you won’t see a game’s jackpot increase. This means that it’s better to play a quieter game because you’ll have a higher chance of winning.

    Get More Cards

    If you really want to increase your winning chances, you need more cards. The more cards you have, the higher your chances of winning will be.

    Have Fun And Socialise

    You won’t win more prizes by socialising and having a good time, but your experience will be so much better! Make sure to join in the chat rooms – there are often extra prizes for doing so.

    Don’t Focus Too Hard On Strategies

    This is a game of chance and there’s no way of influencing the game to make it more likely you’ll win. If you’re on a winning streak, the numbers game means your luck will eventually run out. Equally, if you keep losing, you’ll win eventually as it’s all down to chance. Don’t chase losses though as nothing is ever guaranteed.


    Are New Bingo Sites Safe?
    Yes. If we’ve recommended them then we’ve checked they’re legitimate and safe.
    Is It Possible To Try New Bingo Sites With No Deposit?
    Yes. Some bingo sites will try to entice new customers by giving them a no deposit bonus. They’re not available in many places though so do keep your eyes open!
    Are New Bingo Sites Available On Mobile Devices?
    Yes. Thanks to modern technology, all new bingo sites are available on mobile devices. It depends on whether a company has launched an app or not. Not having a specific app isn’t a problem; most sites use HTML5 technology which means you can play instantly from your mobile web browser.
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